Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Dirty Taco lands in Patchogue with a splash...


The very recently opened Dirty Taco and Tequila in Patchogue, NY has landed with a splash in one of the most active and diverse food communities on Long Island.  Taco oriented restaurants and tacos themselves have been elevated from what many considered an after school food to something (in some instances) approaching high end dining due to chef's using creative and non traditional ingredients.  

Dirty Taco is well within this sphere as the place has tacos with an interesting array of ingredients including fried chicken, chicken tinga, kung pao chicken, thai meatball, and korean short ribs.  There are also vegan/vegetarian offerings with tofu, brussel sprouts and roasted cauliflower. 

Beyond that, Dirty Taco has a variety of other possibilities such as the Asian Style Nachos with Korean Short Rib (Lynn's pick on our most recent outing there), Kung Pao Dumplings and Shishito Peppers with cilantro lime crema (my pick on our most recent outing there).

As the title says, Dirty Taco also features an extensive selection of top shelf tequilas such as Cosamigos and Vila One available in cocktails, "neat: or on the rocks.

The atmosphere is hip with splashy murals and witty artwork.  And, for a new restaraunt, the staff seemed exceptionally seasoned and "on it."   Definitely plan to be regulars here....

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