Friday, May 13, 2022

We Check out LT Burger in Westhampton Beach....

LT Burger in Sag Harbor has always been one of our favorite Hamptons spots.  It is cheerful, the food is good, the staff are attentive and even intuitive.  The interior has a playful but thoughtfully curated vibe including a crowd pleasing vintage Pac Man game. About a year ago, LTB opened a Westhampton outpost with a similar vibe and the same menu.  

We recently visited the "new" LTB and were quickly reminded about what makes the restaurants special.  The Westhampton version has a strong pop art influence with homages and references meant to call to mind  007, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. 

As always, the service was exceptional and the bartender made an impressive Negroni (even more impressive as I got the impression that it might have been his first attempt at this mainstay Italian cocktail).  Most of all, it was comforting to have a great burger a drink and to look around at the maskless restaraunt and feel that feeling of normalcy that makes life worth living. 

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